Book Review: Gonzo Girl

Sometimes you devour a book in a couple sittings. Gonzo Girl was one of those books for me. The premise is intriguing: it’s a fictionalized version of the author’s experience as Hunter S. Thompson’s assistant in the early 90’s. I was surprised by how enjoyable this book is–it had its flaws, but overall, the story was engaging and interesting, even if the bulk of the book is the characters layabout-ing in the Rockies whilst snorting a lot of coke and dropping the occasional  acid.

What the book suffered from, unfortunately, was poor editing. Within the first 10 pages or so, I read a sentence at least 3 times before realizing it didn’t make any sense because it was missing a word. I was also frustrated late in the book when the main character comments that it’s the first time the HST character (named Walker here) calls her by name. Erm, no, actually, wasn’t it in the first two pages when Walker says “Alessandra here” to his company? And that’s actually the first time the reader learns her name? Sigh. It definitely needed another comb through before sending to the presses.

The story was very concise, and many times throughout the book, I found myself longing for more detailed description. CDP moves very quickly from scene to scene, and just when you think you’re about to get some emotional resonance, she jumps to the next part. The aftermath of the garlic encounter as well as the main character’s interactions with the head assistant were over a little too quickly, for example.

But regardless of these critiques, I had a fun time reading this book. It’s pretty likely I’ll be purchasing it, just so I can have a go-to light reread.


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