Book Review: Modern Romance

An excellent, smart, and well-written book on modern-day dating and finding love was written by… Tom Haverford?

This Tom Haverford??

Fortunately, Aziz Ansari is much smarter but still just as funny as his role on Parks and Rec. When I first heard about Modern Romance, I was under the mistaken impression that it’d be a silly memoir of dating foibles and mishaps. But that was actually not the case at all…

AA worked with sociologist Erin Klinenberg to conduct focus groups, poll people, and contact experts in the field in order to come up with a great book that mixes both the humor and the academic. Only if more academics were able to write like AA, I’d find it easier to digest professional literature! I enjoyed his accounts of going into nursing homes to talk with older folks about what dating was like back in the day as well his conversations with the focus groups made up of people closer to my age.

The overarching theme of the book is that for better or for worse, technology has changed the dating game. No longer are we pining away for a phone call–rather, we’re waiting for snaps, connecting with people on Tinder, texting, etc. There’s that “rule” that a guy should call a girl back in 3 days–smart phones have shortened the response time expectation to less than 24 hours, and AA shares some interesting observations on the impact of technology on our romantic lives.

One of my takeaways was his advice on online dating: AA recs that you try to do something different from a typical date setting. Don’t go to the bar down the street from you–go to the art festival (or whatever else) and experience something together! It was timely advice for me, as the week prior to reading Modern Romance, I experienced the world’s most boring OkCupid date at yep, you guess it: the bar down the street.

Granted, I found some of the findings to be “well, duh!” but that did not detract my enjoyment of this book.

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