Places You Should Go: How can September pass so quickly?

Um. We’re already halfway through September. When did that happen?!

Here’s a roundup of online reads from as of late:

Why I’m Tired of the Same Old Music in YA Fiction I love The Smiths as much as the next person, if not more, (fun fact: Morrissey and I are birthday twins, a fact that my staff also know because they gave me a Morrissey birthday card this year), but Angel Cruz raises a good point: not every teenager listens to The Smiths.

Hunter S. Thompson’s Best Life Tips A nice overview of Thompson’s philosophies, especially for newbs like me. One day I’ll get around to reading Fear and Loathing. One day. (Have you read Gonzo Girl yet?)

11 Ways to Love Goodreads Even More I already do most of these, but these are fantastic tips to get the most out of Goodreads. The one function I did not realize Goodreads could do was allowing you to set which library catalogs and/or book vendors to display on each book’s page. As a cataloger, this makes my heart sing with joy.

Toward a Unified Theory of the Cat Man Loving cats isn’t just for ladies, and needless to say, I was entertained by this read. Where can I find a cat man for myself and Dite???

Also, an update on ALL THE FALL BOOKS: I’ve already finished Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. It was worth it alone for the story about B.J. Novak at the theatre. ‘Twas a good, quick read!


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