As of Late: Ebooks, Claire Vaye Watkins, and Feminist Sci Fi

Happy first Monday of October!

Even with only a few posts in, the name “Places You Should Go” is retiring. From here on out, check the “As of Late” category for my link round-ups.

The Plot Twist: E-Book Sales Slip, and Print is Far From Dead

This article made me sigh a lot. Ebooks aren’t the end of the world, people, so the glee in their sales slipping is eye-roll worthy. I prefer ebooks for my ephemeral reading, and print for books I either want to purchase because I love it or read because it’s what the public library has available. But according to some folks, this NYT article is a little off-base…

No, e-book sales are not falling, despite what publishers say

Preach, dude. What do pubs expect when the price point of an ebook goes from 9.99 to 12.99? I could get a paperback for that price, let alone an Amazon-discounted hardback. I’m still having trouble breaking away from the mentality that the price is for the content, not the carrier, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. There’s also some discussion in here about market fluctuations don’t necessarily predict the outcome.

“Interrogating the Myth of the American West”: an Interview with Claire Vaye Watkins

I’ve just started Gold Fame Citrus and trying to savor it s l o w l y. It can’t be said enough: CVW is such, such a good writer.

Feminist Science Fiction is the Best Thing Ever

And finally, an older article that’s a primer on feminist sci fi. Embarrassingly enough, I haven’t read too much sci fi, but these books sound like great places to start.

Stay tuned for a review of Casey Gray’s Discount coming later this week!


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