As of Late: I originally posted this without a subtitle. Whoops.

Here’s the latest link round-up, featuring a couple from Twitter pals. (Library Twitter is what makes Twitter so fun! I don’t know if every profession connects via Twitter as much as librarians do.)

My (Library) Life with Invisible Disabilities

Guest post on Letters to a Young Librarian via @schomj. My favorite bit is point #3 about the perception of productivity over people.

The Past and Future of Magnetic Poetry

I didn’t realize magnetic poetry was on the outs. Bummer.

Ghost Tours Turn Women’s Abuse into Family Friendly Entertainment

I love ghost tours, but this perspective from someone who was given twisted, embellished stories to entertain tourists in Savannah is one I hadn’t really considered. Admittedly, I get easily caught up in the intrigue of a ghost tour, but some are definitely better than others. I attended a ghost tour in Ft. Reno 2 years ago, and that was the real deal. The one in New Orleans that felt a little overly commercialized? Hm.

When Amazon Dies

The last two paragraphs are a bit chilling, especially it makes me anxious to think about things like the 22nd century, something which I’ll never see the light of day, unless modern medicine gets hella advanced. This is why I use my Kindle for ephemeral reading: Amazon isn’t going to be around forever. Sure, that time may be a long, long way off, but books that I love and actually want to keep get physical copies. There’s even a few books that I have both in print and on my Kindle.

White Privilege is not in the Library of Congress Subject Headings

Brought to you by another Twitter pal @OpOnions. I love a good takedown of LC for its problematic choices when it comes to subject headings (I still need to finish Prejudices and Antipathies…). For the lay person, subject headings are what you see on the back of the title page usually by the LC CIP and how you can find materials by subject in the online catalog. They’re a controlled vocabulary with a history of issues. I agree with Netanel that the subject headings that SACO thinks suffice do not suffice. So I echo: Add the term, SACO.

I’m still trying to figure out how I want to convey how much I adored and loved Carry On. Does it get its own post? Do I talk about how much I love all of Rainbow Rowell’s books? Dumplin’ finally came in from my hold list at the public library, which I read in one sitting last Friday eve. Which book do I want to gush about first????? Decisions, decisions.


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