As of Late: On to December!

Oof. Finally back in Oklahoma after a Friendsgiving trip after being forced to stay an extra day, rather than flying back in the middle of an ice storm. This meant extra time with friends as well as time to peruse Twitter and the like to see what’s what. So now that it’s time to put away the turkey and start hanging up the Christmas lights, here’s a smattering of articles I found interesting:

What Will Libraries Be Like in 2100?

Be still, my beating heart, an article about the future of libraries written by a librarian!

The Real Moms of Cirque du Soleil

What is it like to be in Cirque du Soleil and get pregnant? Now we know.

Refinery29’s Best Books in 2015

As we draw closer to the end of the year, the Best of 2015 lists start appearing. And there are so many books on this list that I want to read!

A Slippery Number: How Many Books Can Fit in the New York Public Library?

Lions, tigers, and library politics, oh my!

What’s Making Anne of Green Gables Turn Green in the Latest Google Doodle?

Poison mishaps aside, I love today’s Google Doodle!

Alien Megastructure is Probably Just a Swarm of Comets


And since we’re approaching December, how are you doing on the Goodreads reading challenge? I’m only 1 book shy of finishing my challenge, and here I thought reading 52 books in a year would be hard after years of reading maybe 3-4 a year!


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