As of Late: RIP David Bowie

It’s 3am of a Monday morning, and you can’t sleep. You toss and you torn, trying to ignore the lure of electronic gadgets to pass the insomnia. An hour later, you give in, only to read the news that came out of NYC just a scant few hours earlier: David Bowie, dead at age 69 from a private battle with cancer. You sink back into bed shocked and knowing that it’s really going to be hard to fall asleep now. I knew this day would come, but always thought it would be far off for some yet. David Bowie left us a creative legacy in his 69 years, and while I mourn this loss of an artist whose work had a profound effect on me, seeing the various tributes to Bowie throughout today has been a reminder of his tremendous influence across the world. We lost one of the good ones, y’all.

So for this impromptu edition of As of Late, I give you a handful of Bowie-related articles, pictures, and other things.

Oh! You Pretty Things: Remembering Bowie’s Radical Approach to Beauty A fitting and coincidentally timed piece from Broadly this morning.

David Bowie’s Formative Reading List of 75 Favorite Books Bowie’s reading prowess was one to be admired. Maybe someone could start a Bowie reading challenge?

Blackstardust A lovely pictorial tribute by my favorite Labyrinth fan-artist, Pika La Cynique.

DAVID BOWIE: I went to buy some shoes and I came back with Life on Mars This was the article released with his hand-crafted compilation of what he considered to be his best songs. It’s a good interview with insight into some of the greats.

All the Ways David Bowie Changed Our Lives and Expanded Our Minds When I first read the news of his passing, it was 4am and mostly everyone was still asleep. When I looked at Facebook mid-morning, my feed had exploded with Bowie. You cannot deny the depth and magnitude of his influence.

Something Happened on the Day He Died: A Tribute to David Bowie

It’s going to be hard listening to Black Star now that I know he intended it as his final album about his death. But on the other hand, it goes to show he was ahead of curve, even in death.

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