As of Late: Accidental Blog Hiatus

Well, hopefully this is goodbye to my accidental blog hiatus. Reading books, unfortunately, has not been high on my to-do list. And when reading isn’t happening, writing isn’t happening. So even though I have not read a lot of books lately, here’s my tried and true: the things I’ve been reading on the internet.

How To Escape Your Hometown At this point, a bibliography of Claire Vaye Watkins’ online blurbs may be warranted since I’m always linking to her stuff. This is a good article, detailing the life she left behind in itty bitty Pahrump, NV.

Eric Jennings, Sherman Alexie, and Damaging Perceptions about Alcohol Use Amongst Native Peoples  Recently, Library Twitter went into a rightful uproar over a terribly written op-ed that OF COURSE is behind a T&F paywall about a young male librarian’s disdain for the librarian stereotype. And in that expression of said disdain, the librarian played the tired argument of “there’s always some truth to stereotypes!” while using Sherman Alexie’s comments about alcoholism in his Native American family as support. Out of all the responses to this op-ed, this is my favorite.

iZombie recaps on A.V. Club If there’s anything I have been making time for, it’s reading A.V. Club’s take on the latest iZombie episodes. It’s such a fun, witty show that I’ve re-watched the 1st season on Netflix about 3 times now. Zombies have never interested me–it only took 2 episodes of The Walking Dead to decide “NOPE,”  but this show balances the horror with comedy and drama very well.

Why Garbage Person is Such a Popular Insult This is a fantastic article on the ubiquitous use of “garbage person.” The reason why it’s popular according to Atlas Obscura is delightful for every grammar nerd out there.

Death and Emojis: How Grief Manifests Itself on Social Media Social media and death can be weird, something I’ve actually been grappling with as my uncle recently passed after a very quick battle with cancer. Like “in-person” grief, it manifests in multiple ways and changes from person to person.

Head Over Hills: The Undying Love Story of Heidi and Spencer Pratt Of all the articles to link to, a piece on two reality stars from a reality show I didn’t even watch is typically not my usual. But this article is actually a very engaging, interesting view on these two loonies.

We’re Entering a Golden Age of Space Tourism Propaganda I want to print all of these posters out. They’re gorgeous.

ars shatomica logo small










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