Front Matter: I don’t want to work, I want to blog all day

This whole blogging thing is going… not as I desired. A lot of it has to do with reading as not been as big a priority as last year. Also, work’s been crazy. So what HAVE I been up to since end of January?

  • Co-chaired Local Arrangements for ELUNA, a work conference that culminated in 3 days of conference all day, social functions all night (excluding the 2 prep days and 1 final day! Conferences are a lot of work, man.)
  • Saw My Morning Jacket at OKC’s new music venue The Criterion
  • Managed to read A Darker Shade of Magic AND A Gathering of Shadows in 4 day window.
  • Probably my favorite project over the last few months: made a 4 hour, Oklahoma-themed playlist for the conference reception.
  • Continued to work on Nerdy Girls Association board stuff
  • Met my friend Kendall’s new baby, Sami!
  • Mourned my late uncle who we lost to stage 4 colon cancer
  • Spent time with my mom during her visit in early April
  • Attended the Oklahoma Library Association conference and sat on a panel called Stump the Catalogernote: I did not get stumped!
  • BFF visited over spring break (thanks, work, for giving employees a spring break!)
  • Conference prep conference prep conference prep (for both OLA and ELUNA!)
  • Started a book club called A Book Walks Into a Bar
  • Saw Best Coast & Wavves on their Summer is Forever II tour in Dallas for Valentine’s Day weekend

With summer around the corner, hopefully there will be more time for reading, exploring, and writing. I initially started this blog as a place to muse about books, but to help kick-start blogging again, I’m expanding to writing about music and places. Some of the topics up for writing consideration:

  • A series of posts about museums over the next few months, starting with planned stops at the Dr. Pepper Museum and Museum of the Weird during my birthday Texas road trip.
  • Introducing new categories such as Librariana (anything related to libraries).
  • Reviving dead categories such as Ranked and Upcoming.
  • Finally getting around to writing about my trip to UNLV’s Special Collections
  • Concert reviews, most likely
  • Whatever I want! It’s my blog, right?

So time to start drafting a schedule and seeing if I can stick to it. ‘Til then!




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