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Places You Should Go: Links

Here’s the latest roundup of some of my favorite things I’ve read online as of late:

Literary Tourism: Los Angeles — A good starter guide if you want LA to be the backdrop of your latest reading.

I Married a Pot, Then Killed Him — I had never heard of Mangliks until reading this article. It’s a good read if you’re fascinated by superstitions around the world.

Nevada Gothic: an Interview with Claire Vaye Watkins — Here’s an interview with CVW that’s a couple years old, but new to me since I had only read Battleborn recently. Can I have Gold Fame Citrus already??? It’s already on Book Riot’s 5 Books to Watch for in September.

Well, that’s….huh. — NSFW-ish and/or if you don’t care for cursing. But The Bloggess gives us a hilarious example of the indexing algorithm at Amazon gone entertainingly wrong with her first book. And odd classification / categorization of her upcoming book to boot! (and yes, I’m excited about her 2nd book!!!)

Taylor Swift is Not Your Friend — This will never not be a good read.

As for any deeper thoughts, I have a post brewing on finishing Joan Didion’s Play It as It Lays and Slouching Towards Bethlehem in the same week. If you’re familiar with Didion, talk about depressing! I am vacationing in Wichita for Labor Day, where my plans include museums, yoga, lounging about the hotel, and working on some writing–so hopefully those thoughts will be crystallized soon. But in the meantime, here’s what I did at work today: catalog lobby cards!